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Performance Information Letter

Dear Yellow Rose Dancers, It is show time again and we are in full swing preparing for the upcoming show.  All Yellow Rose students are invited to participate in the performance.  I assume everyone will participate and will bill your account for fees due unless you tell me otherwise. 

Winter Program now has two performances. 

Weekday students in Show #1 and Weekend students in Show #2.

The Winter Program will be scheduled for the first weekend after Winter Break.

Spring Showcase now has two performance. 

Weekday students in Show #1 and Weekend students in Show #2. 

The Spring Recital Showcase is scheduled for the last weekend in June

Parent Volunteers: We need parent volunteers per class to assist with students at Dress Rehearsal and Performance.  Your job will be to receive and check in students, help with costumes, watch students in the holding tank back stage, usher onto the stage, then retrieve from the stage, and then check students back to respective parents.  This job requires approximately one hour of time total.  You will be able to watch your dancer from the side stage or from the audience, which ever you prefer.  You will not miss watching your child's dance.  I promise.  Let Miss Lisa know if you can be of service.  Most classes need two volunteers. Thanks.


In Studio Extra Practice:  This very important practice allows all classes to practice the production numbers together.  It saves time at the theatre and helps your student know where their routine falls in the order of the show.  There is not enough room in the studio for parents to stay and watch so this is a drop off practice.  This practice schedule takes place during the week leading up to the upcoming show.
MONDAY 4:15-6:15PM, TUESDAY 4:15-6:15PM, WEDNESDAY 4:15-6:15PM, THURSDAY 4:15-6:15PM(Sometimes Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm)
Creative & Preschool 1 practice will be at Dress Rehearsal On Stage
Preschool 2, Preschool 3, Kindergarten, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Ensembles and Adults 
practice 4:15-6:15pm

On Stage Dress Rehearsal:  This very important rehearsal allows you and your student to have a trial run of the upcoming show on stage.   It requires full costumes, make-up and hair done according to your class requirements.  It gives you time to fix costumes, make-up and hair if anything went wrong or fell apart.  This also allows the music and stage crew to practice their technical cuesTo ensure that costumes stay safe for the actual performance, it is important that regular dance clothes or street clothes be worn to and from the theatre.
At the end of the school year Spring Recital Showcase, Miss Lisa uses 30 minutes for Yellow Rose Awards.

Family Performance Fee $50:  This family fee is in place of needing to buy or sell tickets.  This fee covers the cost of the stage rental, the program and stage decorations. The facility holds 400 people so you are encouraged to invite as many friends and family as you like.


Costumes: This is a purchase fee and you will keep costume.
  • $45   Creative
  • $45   Preschool 1, Preschool 2, Preschool 3, Kindergarten
  • $45   Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
  • $50   Hip Hop, Junior Beginner 
  • $100 Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7, Musical Theatre 1 & 2
  • $150 Level 8
  • Ensembles have several costumes and accessories-- included in monthly tuition


Tights and Shoes:

  • (Girls Tights) Creative, Preschool 1, Preschool 2, Preschool 3, Kindergarten, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 wear pink tights unless otherwise specified.  Musical Theatre, Hip Hop,  Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7 wear tan tights unless otherwise specified.  I will have tights available for purchase. NO panties under tights but proper bras for support.   
  • (Girls Shoes) Creative, Preschool 1, Preschool 2, Preschool 3, Kindergarten, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, wear pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7 wear black jazz shoes and black tap shoes.              
  • (Boys Tights) No tights necessary but proper black socks to go with black shoes.  Do not forget proper supporting/snug fitting undergarments.                                                                    
  • (Boys Shoes) Black jazz shoes, black tap shoes and black socks.

Hair and Make-up:
  • (Girls Hair) Pull hair into a bun with no bangs and secure it so it will not fall out.  Start with wet hair and then use hairspray and hair gel to secure it into a bun.  Use a hairnet and plenty of bobby pins.
  • (Girls Make-up) Start with liquid or powder foundation.  Wear eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipstick.  Enough to outline natural features from a distance and under bright light.
  • (Boys Hair) Slick hair back away from face with hairspray or hairgel.
  • (Boys Make-up) Use same make-up as girls but substitute lipstick with lip gloss. 

Photos and Videos: We will have professional photos and videos for you to order and purchase.
Photos by twoC Creative Cindy Classen Designs/Rebecca Hicks PDX Photography
 Photo sessions will be available at location of Dress Rehearsal on Saturday.  Please come prepared with hair, makeup and costumes.

Yellow Rose Dance * 8730 SW Terwilliger * Portland, Oregon 97219 Phone: 503-860-7043

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